in times of crisis

15th Daimler Christian Meeting

SATURDAY | NOV 14, 2020 | 6:00 PM


A warm invitation!

All Daimler employees are invited, regardless of location, hierarchical level, or religious denomination. Former employees, employees of external companies and members of suppliers and competitors are also welcome. You are also welcome to bring your partners with you.



Daniel Hoster, born in 1968, is a member of the management of a major international bank and Chairman of the Board of the Dagmar Westberg Foundation. He is married and lives in Kronberg/Taunus. As the father of six children and through his responsible management positions in Brussels, New York and Frankfurt, Daniel Hoster is right in the middle of life.



The event is held under the motto #StayTuned – in times of crisis. The focus will be a lecture by Daniel Hoster with the topic “OVERCOMING CRISES”.

In his lecture, Daniel Hoster will not only address the current crisis, but also the various crises of a financial, family and personal nature. He will give us his concept of how to master crises and will report on how God has carried him through crises.

In addition to Daniel Hoster’s contribution, we can expect a varied supporting program with many other interesting contributions and inspiring Christian music. Afterwards, Daniel Hoster will be available to answer questions from both the guests on site and the livestream participants. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions to the leaders of various prayer groups.


Organizational matters

Number of participants on site:

Due to Corona, we cannot hold this year’s event with several hundred participants as in the past years. Due to distance regulations, the number of participants at the event location is limited to a maximum of 200 persons. For this reason, this year we are choosing a hybrid event format. This means that 150 to 200 people will meet at the Christus-Zentrum Weinstadt, while all other interested colleagues will have the opportunity to join in live via the Internet. The advantage of the planned live stream transmission is that our Christian colleagues from all over the world will also be able to participate.


No matter whether you want to participate on site or via live stream, for an optimal planning of the event we ask you to register by November 11th at the latest. If you want to participate via livestream, the dial-in link will be sent out immediately after receipt of the registration.


Due to the stricter Corona regulation since November 2, we are forced to cancel the planned buffet and to supply the on-site participants only with beverages from PET bottles. For this reason, the costs for on-site participation will be reduced to 15 €, which we will ask for during the course of the event.

To finance the livestream, we are dependent on donations.

Stricter hygiene rules:

We are aware that the current situation is evaluated very differently. We are very grateful for the opportunity to be able to hold our Daimler-Christian Meeting despite stricter regulations, where many meetings cannot be held at the same time. However, we do not want to abuse this freedom at all, but rather use it with the utmost sensitivity. With the following rules, we are consciously adopting the measures recommended by the state.

  • From the moment you enter the CZW premises until you are seated in the service room, you must wear a mouth and nose protector. The same applies when leaving the premises.
  • A distance of 1.50 m must be kept between individual seats, unless the participants come from the same household.
  • A mouth and nose protector must also be worn when singing.
  • For all other program items (besides singing) there is no mask obligation for the seated participants, as the church service room of the CZW has a very powerful ventilation system.

Note: Since the first lockdown, the ventilation system continuously provides the room with 100% fresh air and leads the extracted air 100% outside. Furthermore, the system was serviced at the end of October and the supply air filters were replaced and disinfected.

Donation for the livestream

The livestream causes us some costs. We can only do it if the online participants support it financially and therefore ask for a donation. Thank you!

Via bank transfer:

Christians at Daimler
IBAN: EN57 6025 0010 0015 1791 46
Kreissparkasse Waiblingen

Via PayPal:

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Please register as soon as possible, as the number of participants on site is limited to 200 persons. The motto is: “First come, first served”. The costs for on-site participation are 15 €.

If you register for the livestream, the dial-in link will be sent to you immediately after sending the registration form. Please note that we are dependent on donations for the livestream.



With the S-Bahn:
S2 Stuttgart-Schorndorf, Stop Beutelsbach.

By car:
Please do NOT park in private or company parking lots!
Park at the P&R parking lot of the S-Bahn (5 min. walk).



Christus-Zentrum Weinstadt (CZW)

Heinkelstraße 47
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