Work with love & respect

17th Christian Meeting
under the Star

Saturday | Nov. 12, 2022 | 6:00 PM
Christus-Zentrum Weinstadt

Work with love & respect

Warm invitation!

All employees from Mercedes-Benz und Daimler Truck are invited, regardless of location, hierarchical level, or religious denomination. Former employees, employees of contractor companies, temporary workers, and members of supplier and competitor companies are welcome as well. And of course, partners or friends may also be brought along.

For colleagues from locations around the world and those who are unable to attend on site, there will again be a livestream broadcast.

Important to know: For legal reasons, David Togni’s presentation may not be recorded. It will only be broadcast live, i.e. there is no possibility to follow the lecture afterwards.

Work with love & respect

Keynote speaker

At 20, David Togni’s stellar career in finance allowed him to afford just about anything he wanted, but a questioning emptiness gnawed at his ego. At his lowest point, he cried out to God, whom he had banished from his life after the death of his sister. His life changed profoundly as a result. In 2016, he published his encouraging autobiography titled ‘It’s not about me, but it’s my story.’

A few years ago, David founded the fashion label ‘Love Your Neighbour’. The now 35-year-old from Schaffhausen, who exemplifies radical charity, has since put his heart and soul into helping the poor and homeless. There is more behind his label than just textiles and printing ink; ‘Love Your Neighbour’ is a lifestyle. By living generosity, he confidently succeeds in making a difference in society. After all, his brand is not only popular among Christians, it is also making a wide impact in the secular sector throughout Europe. Nearly 1 million Swiss francs have benefited disadvantaged people so far.

Work with love & respect


»It’s not about me, but it is my story«

In addition to the life story of David Togni, we can expect a varied supporting program with other interesting contributions and inspiring background music by a refreshing worship band. Live contributions from our foreign colleagues are also planned.

NEW – For all who love worship music:

Starting at 5:15pm, before the official start of the event, our band will play a short worship concert to the glory of God. Everyone who wants to participate is invited to do so. 

Note: This pre-program will not be broadcast live.

Work with love & respect


The planning and organization process of our 17th Christian Meeting under the Star is already underway. We hope and pray that our event can be held without major Corona-related restrictions, so that we can welcome as many of you as possible live on site.

The entire event will also be broadcast live on our YouTube channel. You will receive the dial-in link immediately after registration via the registration confirmation.


In order to allow our English-speaking colleagues from the worldwide locations to participate in the event, all contributions will be simultaneously translated into English and transmitted live via zoom. The meeting ID required for this will also be sent automatically to the participants immediately after their registration.

Important note: For legal reasons, we are not allowed to record David Togni’s talk. It can be watched live on our YouTube channel on November 12, but there is no possibility to listen to the lecture afterwards.

Costs for on-site participation

For participants on site, the event costs are 15 € or 25 € if participating in the buffet. The contribution will be requested during the event.

Donation for the livestream

The livestream causes some costs. For this we need financial support and ask for a donation from the online participants as well.

Thank you!

Via bank transfer:

Christen bei Daimler
IBAN: DE57 6025 0010 0015 1791 46
Kreissparkasse Waiblingen

Via PayPal:

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Note: To save fees, please choose the payment option “For friends and family”.

Work with love & respect


No matter if you want to participate on site or via livestream, for an optimal planning of the event we ask you to register.

If you decide to participate “via livestream”, the dial-in link will be sent to you immediately after your registration. Please note that we depend on donations for the livestream.

Work with love & respect


With the S-Bahn:

S2 Stuttgart-Schorndorf, stop Beutelsbach.

By car:

Please do NOT park in private or company parking lots!
Park at the P&R parking lot of the S-Bahn (5 min. walk).

Work with love & respect


Christus-Zentrum Weinstadt (CZW)

Heinkelstraße 47
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