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We created a prayer calendar to give all persons praying for the company an overview on which days at which time is prayed for our company and its employees. Our goal is to provide 24/7 prayer coverage, i.e. 24 hours on all 7 days of the week. The opportunities are there, as colleagues from all over the world pray for our company, even at times when we sleep in Germany.

Please enter the times when you pray for our company, our supervisors, board members and colleagues or when you intend to pray in the future. It would be great if all the leaders of Daimler prayer groups enter their prayer circle appointments. This means that every five working days are well covered, at least around lunchtime.

Note on privacy:

No fear! It does not see anybody other than the administrator who is participating in the prayer initiative. In the calendar you will be deposited only with the name “Beter x” (see screenshots in the manual).

‘Pray for all who are responsible!’

(1 Tim. 2:2)