Christians at Daimler

Christen bei Daimler


Numerous employees at Daimler are committed to making basic Christian values ​​visible in personal working life within the company and in social responsibility outside the company.

It is their concern that Christians take their values ​​as a standard and live them not only in their private life, but also in their everyday working life. They are convinced that this attitude has a lasting positive influence on their company and also contributes to the fairness towards supplier companies and competitors.

The network of ‘Christians at Daimler’ consists of more than 1,400 members. There are approximately 40 Daimler prayer groups at different locations, to which Christians of different confessions and congregations regularly meet outside of their working hours to pray for their company, their superiors, and their colleagues. In addition, annual Daimler Christian Meetings have been taking place outside the company since 2006, to which all Daimler employees are invited who also want to stand up for basic Christian values ​​in their everyday work. The Daimler Christian Meetings are organized by members of the Daimler Prayer Groups.

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Born 2 be rich


16th Daimler Christian Meeting

SATURDAY | NOV 13, 2020 | 6:00 PM

Born 2 be rich

Warm invitation!

All Daimler employees are invited, regardless of location, hierarchical level, or religious denomination. Former employees, employees of external companies and members of suppliers and competitors are also warmly welcome. You are also welcome to bring your partners with you.

Born 2 be rich

Keynote speaker

Since the age of 17, confined to a wheelchair due to a car accident, Josef Müller led an adventurous life between luxury limousines, caviar, truffles and champagne, cocaine and wild party nights. He had everything: Pretty girlfriends, fancy apartments, houses, several yachts, luxury cars. Convicted of tax evasion and serious fraud, he served a five-and-a-half-year prison sentence starting in 2007. His life changed radically in prison.

The following video clip (2 min) gives an insight into the life of Josef Müller:

Born 2 be rich



The event’s theme is ‘Born 2 be rich’. The focus will be on Josef Müller’s exciting and adventurous life story with the topic ‘Career, Cash, Coop’.

Josef Müller is going to talk about how he, as an ingenious investment and tax advisor to the Munich chic scene, laundered money for the US drug mafia, was hunted by the State Office of Criminal Investigation and the FBI and, after a breathtaking escape in a wheelchair, finally grounded in prison. Amusing and at the same time rousing, he describes his completely crazy life and why he wanted to change his life in one fell swoop.

As another speaker, Sara Langhirt will give us an insight into her life. She is going to talk about how the search for her identity led her into drug addiction, illness and depression and how she overcame her life crisis.

In addition to the two life stories by Josef Müller and Sara Langhirt, you can expect a varied supporting program with other interesting contributions and inspiring worship music from a refreshing


Do you work at Daimler?
We are happy to arrange a transfer to a Daimler prayer group near your location!



Screenshot aus dem Daimler-internen Intranet (Dezember 2018)

Members from a Möhringer prayer group have initiated a public appearance of ‘Christians at Daimler’ on the company’s internal intranet. This went live in December 2018. When accessing the Daimler internal intranet, this page can be reached via the link

The motivation behind this is:

  • Worldwide networking of the Christians at Daimler
  • Contact point for “new” Christians in the company
  • Contact point for interested non-Christians
  • Find the closest prayer group
  • Reference to upcoming Daimler Christian Meetings



The 15th Daimler Christian Meeting (DCM) took place in Weinstadt-Beutelsbach on November 14, 2020. The motto of the event was #Stay Tuned – Overcome crises.

Here is the recording of the last meeting in its full length.

Due to Corona, the number of on-site participants was limited. For this reason, the entire event was additionally transmitted via livestream. The recorded video was uploaded to our YouTube channel and can be viewed there in its full length. It has been followed by more than 2,200 people.

A highlight of the event was the live broadcast of colleagues from the Daimler locations in São Paulo (Brazil), Tuscaloosa (Alabama/USA), Chennai (India) and Beijing (China) with encouraging testimonies from their prayer circles.

The focal point was a profound lecture by Daniel Hoster, member of the management of a major international bank, entitled ‘OVERCOME CRISES’. In his talk, he addressed not only the current crisis, but also the various crises of a financial, family and personal nature. He also shared how God has carried him through crises. After his talk, Daniel Hoster was able to answer questions from both the guests on site and the livestream participants via the Q&A tool SLIDO.