Human wisdom and ways without God come to an end in all areas of society.

Crises in the economy and politics and increasingly unbiblical ways in society are the chance to create changes with divine principles.

The Word of God challenges us in 1 Tim. 2:1-2 to pray for all people (colleagues, employees) and all those who are responsible (our board members and executives).

Be aware that you deserve your livelihood in your company, that your company is about people and that God loves the people of your company!

Experience has shown that it makes a difference whether you pray with colleagues at work or alone at home.

The community motivates you and it has a greater impact when you pray in unity with like-minded people at the scene.

Participants of a prayer circle in Sindelfingen (Photo: Hannes Ackermann)

Central verse for company prayer (1 Tim. 2:1-4)

‘I urge, then, first of all, that 

petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people – for kings and all those in authority,

that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.’

Order with Promise (Jer. 29:7)

‘Seek the best of the city and pray to the Lord for it; because if it prospers, you too will prosper.’

Mercedes-Benz plant in Untertürkheim


Thanks for everything positive

  • Our jobs
  • Our supervisors
  • Our salaries
  • Successful market launches
  • Positive sales figures
  • Personal achievements

Spiritual awakening at Daimler

  • People at Daimler should find faith in Jesus Christ
  • Disseminating Christian values at all levels to the board
  • Awareness in management that sustainable success and the blessing of God can only be achieved through biblical principles

Living Christian values in all areas

  • Biblical standards should be created and lived according to them
  • Christian values should be implemented consistently
  • People should be the focus, not profit
  • Fair dealings both internally and with suppliers
  • Integrity, honesty, openness to the inside and outside
  • No exploitation of the workforce
  • No exploitation of suppliers
  • Appropriate filling of open positions in the Executive Board and management levels

Prayer for the members of our Board of Management

  • Board of Management of the Mercedes-Benz Group

Board Members of the Mercedes-Benz Group (October 2023)

  • Board of Management of the Daimler Truck Holding

Board Members of the Daimler Truck Holding (October 2023)

Intercession for our superiors

We ask for

  • Honesty, sincerity, integrity, justice
  • Health, well-being, motivation, endurance, joy
  • Good relationship between supervisors and employees
  • Good consultants
  • Enough time for marriage and family, time for relaxation

Right strategic decisions

  • Wisdom of decision-makers in all strategic decisions
  • The automotive industry is in transition and faces many new challenges. It is important that the right decisions for the future are made on topics such as mobility services, networking, autonomous driving, digitization, electromobility, alternative drive systems.
  • Necessary austerity measures and any necessary staff reduction measures should be made compatible.
  • Future necessary mergers or cooperations with other companies should be fair and lead to success.

Protection and avoidance of damage

We ask for

  • Protection against major technical problems or even product recalls
  • Protection against fatal accidents caused by autonomous cars
  • Protection against unjustified negative press releases
  • Protection against false advisers
  • Protection against hostile takeovers (by other companies or hedge funds)
  • Protection against angry customers
  • Protection against damage to our business by Chinese, American or other competitors
  • Protection against misuse by the upcoming digitization
  • Protection against hacker attacks
  • Protection against unjust decisions, corruption, manipulation
  • Protecting our workforce from physical and / or emotional overload


Unity despite diversity

The participants come from different communities and churches

– Evangelical State Church
– Catholic Church
– Regional Church Communities
– Independent Evangelical Churches
– Baptists, Methodists, Adventists
– Brethren Churches

The participants are shaped differently.

And yet they have one thing in common, namely the

Belief in Jesus Christ, the risen Son of God

Unity among each other

‘Seek the unifier before you turn to the divisor!’

Guiding principle of the two first missionaries of the Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine (Moravian Church), Leonhard Dober and David Nitschmann

Respect the difference!

  • Do not mind the different imprints!
  • On the contrary: Rejoice in the diversity!
  • Everyone is valuable – regardless of their imprint and community affiliation!
  • Everyone has special gifts!
  • Do not consider yourself useless!
  • Look at the unifier – Jesus Christ!
  • Do not argue about trivialities!


  • Pray for prayer partners!
  • Plan regular meetings – even if you are only two!
  • Speak to colleagues who are praying at lunch!
  • Choose a suitable place and date!
  • Appoint a leader and a representative!
  • Inform your superiors if necessary!
  • Pay attention to important rules of the game!
    • Meet outside working hours!
    • Be wise and do not offend anyone!
    • Keep discipline (no coffee gossip)!
  • Create name lists and mailing lists!
  • Inform about important prayer requests by mail!
  • Devide the prayer circle if it gets too big!
  • Develop visions and pray them into existence!
  • Write down your prayer requests and keep track of them!
  • Hold annual meetings with all Christians of your company!
    (In smaller companies, possibly in conjunction with other companies)
  • If necessary, create an internet presence!
    (Attention: Intra-corporate intranet sites require a permit)



Blessing for the company

  • The company prayer brings many blessings – even if the effects are often apparent only at a later date.
  • Be aware: God hears your prayers and rejoices over every one.
  • Try it! You will perceive changes in your environment!
  • ‘Prayer does not replace action, but prayer is an act that can not be replaced by anything’ (Hans von Keler)


Connection with God – also and especially in everyday working life

  • An effect of the company prayer is that the participants live their faith more and more in their professional life and not just confine to the Sunday service.
  • There is a more intense and more regular relationship with God, the faith grows.
  • Christians become more courageous to live their Christianity in everyday life.
  • Praying for the company becomes normal.
  • The profession is increasingly seen as a vocation.

Higher identification with the company and the job

  • Many prayer participants get more enjoyment of their job.
  • By praying for the company and its people, they identify more with the company.
  • They enjoy success and are grateful for it. In crises, they suffer and are in prayer for the company.
  • The participants of corporate prayer circles live after the call in Colossians 3:23, where it says, ‘Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.’


The network of Christians is growing

  • More and more Christians participate in the prayer groups.
  • Christians from other locations are motivated to pray for the company and found their own prayer groups.
  • The number of prayer groups increases (from 8 in 2006 to 39 in 2019).

Praying under the star - At Daimler, 200 Christians meet weekly in prayer circles


Prayer circle participation despite 50 km access

Axel G. from Bremen has been a passive part-time or retired employee for more than 3 years. Nevertheless, he regularly takes part in the prayer group – even though his journey to the factory is about 50 km. When asked Axel G. what the reason was to take the long distance weekly, he replied, “I believe that God is paying great attention to these small prayer sessions because they are doing what he wants. It says, ‘All your worries throw on him, because he cares for you.’ And one more thing is very important to me: I do not want to be admired for my participation. When it comes to admiring someone, it is only our Lord Jesus, because he has and had very great patience with me, because he often carried me and he gave me great joy by entrusting my wife to me.”


Prayer language does not matter

An intern from South Korea was employed at Böblingen for a period of time. Since he was a devout Christian he also participated in the prayer circle. He spoke English and even a little German, but he could only pray in his mother tongue. A participant in the prayer circle said, “The change from English to Korean was always a bit funny, because of course we did not understand anything. But through the Spirit of God we still shared in his prayer.”

Encouragement by a prayer circle leader from Tuscaloosa

As part of the Daimler Christian Meeting 2017 David R. from Tuscaloosa (Alabama, USA) spoke the following words:

“I would like to encourage everyone in this Daimler Christian Meeting to keep their faith in Christ strong! Jesus desires a personal relationship with you, and your simple answer is just to live for Him. All of my joy comes from knowing Jesus – not from my job, not from my hobbies, or anything that the world offers. If I trust in this world, I know that I will be disappointed. I know that Jesus will never let me down and that I can place all trust in Him. Please live your faith out daily at work! The Lord will give you a positive spirit and joy that you have never experienced. Remember to follow what Colossians 3:23 says: ‚Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not human masters.‘ Bring glory to God by how you conduct yourself at work. I also encourage you to pray for your leaders. Our structure for each person here is to pray daily for his/her Manager (E4), Senior Manager (E3), Vice President (E2), and President (E1).”


Feedback from prayer circle participants

  • „I gain strength and regain my courage in the prayer circles.“
  • „I return to my job with renewed strength.“
  • „I’ve found access to God and the Bible again.“
  • „Looking back over the years, it’s very encouraging to see what God did great in the company.“


Tilting A-Class

Three days after the official presentation of the first Mercedes-Benz A-Class in October 1997, a driving dynamic test by a Swedish journalist led to the tilting of this new vehicle. This test, which has been called “Elchtest” (elk test) since then, simulates avoidance of a sudden obstacle on the road.

The event brought a lot of ridicule from the public. The press spoke of the “smallest dump truck in the world”. In Rastatt, a new factory was built specifically for the production of the A-Class. Numerous employees were hired for this. It needed a technical solution as quickly as possible, which prevents tipping over even in critical driving situations, because without a corresponding remedy the new series would have been hardly marketable.

Because of this delicate situation, several Daimler Christians gathered in a private meeting to bring this theme before God. In unity, they asked God to intervene.

The miracle happened: Within only 8 weeks a small development team succeeded in developing a technical measure against tipping. The Electronic Stability Program (ESP), which until then was only available in the large car series, was applied in such a way that tipping of the A-Class was prevented by targeted interventions on the automatic brake. The management decided on a temporary sales stop to retrofit all previously built vehicles with ESP and a modified suspension. The interim produced A-Class vehicles were stored in the Baden village Kippenheim.

With the introduction of ESP, the A-Class finally became a success and a great blessing for the company. The elk test gave the A-Class the felicitous nickname “Elk” and the oversized moose plush toy in the passenger or back seat became the companion of many A-Class owners.


Problem solving in a dream

At the Untertürkeim plant, a project had to be stopped because nobody knew how to get further. Two members of the prayer group involved in the project brought the request into the prayer circle. In the prayer circle they prayed for a few weeks, until one day one of the two colleagues had been shown the solution from God in a nightly dream. The solution idea was implemented and the project became a success. In the end, the solution was even patented.


Prevention of relocation

A prayer group member of a location reports:
“The board decided to add all 350 employees of our location to the contracting departments. This was partially implemented in the years 2017/2018 – except for our team, which should be added to a branch. Approximately 3 years we prayed for the decision of the stay of our team in the plant. And that’s how it happened. God prepared people from the works council to stand up for us until the decision makers gained the insight.”

Physical healings

Also spontaneous healings have often been experienced in the prayer circles, e.g. healings from backache or headache that did not come back afterwards.

A few years ago, a Christian lady was even allowed to experience the healing of a seriously ill colleague with cancer whose condition was considered untreatable by the doctors. This patient was asked by the Christian lady if she could pray for him. A few days later the doctors confirmed to him that his cancer had completely disappeared. This colleague is working in our company still today and is full of health.

The son of a Daimler employee was hospitalized with facial paralysis. The father desperately turned to Markus W., whom he knew was a Christian. They decided to interrupt their work and go to the hospital to pray for the son. Markus W. called loudly to Jesus and asked him for full restoration. After that, the two went back to work. After about an hour they received a call from the hospital that the son could be released.


Healing of mental illness

A colleague suffered of excessive stress at work over weeks. Sleep disorders and headaches were the result. He was close to burnout and had to be on sick leave for 3 weeks. Over a longer period of time he was cared for by his family doctor. The members of the prayer circle he visited regularly prayed for him during this time. After a few months, he reported that the symptoms were gone and he was significantly more resilient now. Through God’s guidance, after one year he received a new position in an equivalent position. This change contributed to his complete recovery.


Answers to prayer in private matters

Frequently, prayers are also brought to God for private purposes. For example, many colleagues have already been able to experience healings in marriage or family relationships.


Other frequently experienced answers to prayer

  • Improving relationships between supervisors and employees
  • Colleagues enjoyed their job and their work more
  • Frequently, after prayer, technical problems could be solved
  • Employees received above-average ratings from their supervisors
  • Help with challenges with suppliers
  • God’s intervention in coping with stress


Be a role model for others!

  • Be decent, kind, loyal and honest!
  • Lead by example!

Work as if you were doing it for Jesus!

  • Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not human masters. (Col. 3:23)

Always try to stay in touch with God!

  • Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Give thanks no matter what happens. God wants you to thank him because you believe in Christ Jesus. (1 Thess. 5:16-18)

There is no difference between Sunday and Monday!

  • Jesus lives in us every day of the week at all times.

You carry Jesus into the business every business day.

  • I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. (Gal 2:20)

Involve Jesus in your daily work!

  • Command God the day in prayer before starting work!
  • Put your colleagues and bosses under the blessing and protection of God!
  • Ask for wisdom and success of the upcoming work!
  • Ask for guidance in all work situations!

We, the business world, represent 97% of Christians.

  • Only 3 percent of Christians are called to full-time ministry within the church, all others have been commissioned by God to use their ideas and abilities to influence the world of work and build his kingdom.


Do not underestimate the power of your prayers!

Do not be surprised if suddenly extraordinary things will happen!

  • And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not. (Mal. 3:18)

Be aware that no prayer is in vain!

  • We can assume that our prayers have already achieved many things and have changed many things for the better. Who knows how it would be without our prayers!

Often we realize only afterwards what our prayers have achieved.

  • Let us not become tired of doing good. At the right time we will gather a crop if we don’t give up. (Gal. 6:9)


Robert Fraser

“We can serve God and experience
his work also in the workplace,
because we spend most of our lives
right there!”

Dr. Billy Graham
(* 07.11.1918; † 21.02.2018)

“I believe that one of the next
awakenings will be evoked by
believers on the workplace.“