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Of highs and lows

The confession of a top manager

Dr. Thomas Middelhoff
Chairman and CEO of the Bertelsmann media group (1998-2002) and the Arcandor retail group (2004-2009)


The numerous prayer groups within the Daimler company are organized in a decentralized manner and networked only to a limited extent. In order to offer a platform for the Daimler Christians to get to know each other better and for mutual encouragement, in 2006 the so-called ‘Daimler Christian Meetings’ were launched. These take place once a year usually in November.

All Daimler employees, including former Daimler employees and external company employees, who are interested in topics of the Christian faith and are committed to Christian values ​​in working life, are invited to the annual meetings. The location, hierarchy level, denomination and church affiliation of the participants do not matter. Also welcome are members of competitor and supplier companies.


Impressed by the multitude of Christians he had come to know over the years in the company, Dr. Helmut Keller (then team leader in charge of Automatic Parking and Tire Pressure Control) in 2003 created a list with the names and email addresses of all Christians at Daimler known to him. This should serve to connect with these brothers and sisters of faith at the appropriate time.

When this list in 2006 had reached around 150 people, Helmut Keller invited all these colleagues to a joint meeting outside the company. The purpose of the meeting was primarily to introduce the Christians at Daimler to each other and to encourage them to live their Christianity in the workplace.

So it happened that on Saturday, November 4, 2006, the first so-called Daimler Christian Meeting took place in Weinstadt-Beutelsbach. As guest speaker Martin Daum, at that time head of the commercial vehicle plants in Wörth and Akseray (Turkey) and managing director of Mercedes-Benz Trucks (today board member of Daimler, Trucks & Buses), was invited.

The first meeting was attended by 130 colleagues and 15 accompanying spouses. The meeting was so well received that from this year until today, a Daimler Christian Meeting takes place annually in November. Today, it is attended by up to 500 people. Invited are all those who want to stand up for Christian values ​​in their daily work. The Daimler Christian Meetings are organized by members of the “Christians at Daimler” network as well as by participants from more than 35 Daimler prayer groups.


The focus of the annual Daimler Christian Meetings is the presentation of a guest speaker who is specially invited for this purpose. These speakers may be senior executives from the Daimler company, but also well-known speakers from other areas of society. Their lectures and testimonies encourage us to involve God in our working lives and to live our Christian values in the workplace.

In addition to the main contribution of the guest speaker, the events are accompanied by a varied supporting program. In addition to the presentation of appealing Christian songs by a worship band, many other contributions such as testimony reports from Daimler colleagues or reports from colleagues from foreign prayer circles are on the program. The event concludes with a buffet with the opportunity for a personal get-together and an intensive exchange.

Worship Band of the 11th Daimler Christian Meeting (Photo: Reiner Maul)

14th Daimler Christian Meeting (Photo: Noah Sam Benjamin)


On November 14, 2020, the 15th Daimler Christian Meeting (DCM) took place in Weinstadt-Beutelsbach. The event was held under the motto #Stay Tuned – Overcome crises.

Due to Corona, the number of participants on site was limited. For this reason, the entire event was additionally transmitted via lifestream. The full length of the recorded video is available on our YouTube channel. It has now been watched by more than 2,200 people.

A highlight of the event was the live broadcast of colleagues from the Daimler locations in São Paulo (Brazil), Tuscaloosa (Alabama/USA), Chennai (India) and Beijing (China) with encouraging testimonies from their prayer circles.

The focal point was a profound lecture by Daniel Hoster, member of the management of a major international bank, entitled ‘OVERCOME CRISES’. In his talk, Daniel Hoster addressed not only the current crisis, but also the various crises of a financial, family and personal nature. He also shared how God has carried him through crises.

After his talk, Daniel Hoster was able to answer questions from both the guests on site and the livestream participants via the Q&A tool SLIDO.

Date: 16.11.2019 Speaker: Daniel Böcking, Deputy editor-in-chief of BILD, Berlin. Lecture title: Ein bisschen Glauben gibt es nicht (It is not possible to believe just a little).

Special guest of honor at the 14th Daimler Christian Meeting was former Chairman of the Board of Management Dr. Dieter Zetsche.


Note: At the Annual General Meeting on May 22, 2019, Dr. Dieter Zetsche transferred his position as CEO to Ola Källenius.


Date: 17.11.2018 Speaker: Dr. Stefan Vatter, Berater, Coach, Trainer, Autor und Konferenzsprecher from Kempten/Allgäu. Lecture title: As in Heaven – so at Daimler?

Presentation by Stefan Vatter:

When listening, it is recommended to follow the presentation slides to the talk.

The contributions of Levin Illi and Luis Jorge Gil Jimenez were also recorded.

Testimony report of Levin Illi:

Testimony report of Luis Jorge Gil Jimenez:

Date: 18.11.2017 Speaker: Dr. Siegmar Haasis, CIO Research & Development Mercedes-Benz Cars. Lecture title: Be a Game Changer

Date: 19.11.2016 Speaker: Dr. Johannes Hartl, founder and director of the House of Prayer in Augsburg. Lecture title: Botschafter des Lichtes am Arbeitsplatz (Ambassadors of Light at the Workplace)

The German presentation can be listened to or downloaded here:

Date: 21.11.2015 Speaker: Dr. Annette Winkler, Leiterin smart und Vice President Daimler. Lecture title: Köpfe und Herzen aufmachen – was wir von der kanaanäischen Frau lernen können (Opening minds and hearts – what we can learn from the Canaanite woman).

As part of the presentation of the worldwide Daimler prayer circles, the following two video clips from Tuscaloosa (Alabama/USA) and Beijing (China) were shown.

Video clip of a prayer circle in Vance/Tuscaloosa:

Video clip of the Hope Group from Beijing:


Date: 15.11.2014 Speaker: Martin Daum, President and CEO, Daimler Trucks North America, Portland, Orgeon, USA. Lecture title: Christen bei Daimler – das Salz in der Suppe!

Dat: 16.11.2013 Speaker: Robert Fraser, Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Lecture title: God@YourJob

Date: 10.11.2012 Speaker: Jürgen Reyinger, Heroldstatt. Lecture title: Gott und Beruf(ung)!?

Date: 19.11.2011 Speaker: Dr. med. Arne Elsen, Hamburg. Lecture title: Gott in der Praxis erfahren

Date: 20.11.2010 Speaker: Gerhard Rauch, Geschäftsführer und Inhaber eines Maschinenbau-Unternehmens in Neu-Ulm, Vize-Präsident der Internationalen Christlichen Handelskammer (ICCC). Lecture title: Christliche Werte bei Daimler – Das Beste oder nichts?

Date: 17.10.2009 Speaker: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Leisenberg, Geschäftsführer einer Firma für thermische Verfahrenstechnik und Professor in Gießen. Lecture title: Wissenschaft und Glaube – Gegensatz oder Ergänzung?

The presentation was recorded and can be listened to or downloaded here:

When listening, it is recommended to follow the presentation slides to the talk. They are available in pptx format and in pdf format.

Date: 22.11.2008 Speaker: Bernd Oettinghaus, Gebetsleiter der Ev. Allianz und Pastor in Frankfurt/Main. Lecture title: Gebet zwischen Vollmacht und Ohnmacht

Date: 22.09.2007 Speaker: Dr. Christoph Häselbarth, Josua-Dienst e.V. Lecture title: Im Alltag Grenzen überschreiten

Date: 04.11.2006 Speaker: Martin Daum, Werkleiter Wörth & Akseray, Produktionsleiter für Mercedes-Benz LKW, Mitglied der Geschäftsführung Mercedes-Benz LKW in Europa. Lecture title: Wo hilft mir mein Glaube bei der täglichen Arbeit?